Are you the pumpkin spice, “excited for fall” kind of girl? If you are, we’re right there with you! Fall is an exciting time to “spice” up the holidays and experiment in the kitchen. As the holidays roll around, there’s always a focus on food! The cooler temperatures bring all kinds of seasonal goodies to cook with, from juicy cranberries and sweet squashes to brussels sprouts and cauliflowers. Autumn is a season of harvest bounty. Not to mention, it’s the BEST time for comfort food.

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year or just joining as a guest, take a little “me time.” No green bean casserole this year? No problem! Don’t’ sweat the “fall” things. The world is stressful enough right now. We don’t need the added weight of the holidays. Thanksgiving is meant to be pleasant.

It’s a day when you’re supposed to push your worries aside. Spend time with those you love the most, and focus on each of your blessings.

Let the “Gourd” Times Roll

Allow yourself to relax. If your celebration will be a bit smaller this year, limit the menu. Just because candied yams are delicious doesn’t mean you need to serve them. Especially if you’re already having sweet potatoes! Revisit your menu and figure out if you’re trying to do too much. If you are, scrap it! Don’t have the time to put up decorations? Grab a bouquet and create your own. Just follow our simple holiday D.I.Y’s. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Relax and let the “gourd” times roll.

This month, our bouquet might as well double as dessert! Since the holidays are a little more stressful than usual this year, we wanted to do something special. So we designed a bouquet that would remind us of one of the best parts of Thanksgiving—the food! Comfort foods remind people of their homes and their families, a safe and easier time.

The flowers in November’s bouquet are arranged in clusters to help you create D.I.Y’s and tablescapes for the holidays. You can also attach your favorite ones to personalized flower notes!

“Picks” of the Month


This gorgeous flower represents admiration. It’s also an elegant addition to any holiday bouquet. These beauties can live for up to 21 days when cared for properly. This special flower is sure to “spice” up up your home all Thanksgiving season.


Better known as “mums,” these flowers are a major fall must-have. Mums are a national symbol of fall abundance. They make us giddy for the holidays!


These are the happiest flowers of the bunch! Poms are the PERFECT twist for a Thanksgiving bouquet. They represent joy, happiness, and love—just like the holiday itself.


This popular plant is seen often during the holidays. It can survive cold weather and is said to be a source of peace, protection, health, and prosperity. These pretty fillers are a perfect way to “spice” up any holiday bouquet.

No matter how you decide to rejoice, one thing is for sure: Thanksgiving is about the people around you. As long as you enjoy yourself and pour plenty of love into your preparation, your Thanksgiving meal will be perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving!