Very different from long stem roses, these small blooms are known as spray roses. Bet you’re asking yourself, but what’s the difference between them?

Spray roses are shorter in length, typically with up to 5 blooms per stem. Picture mini clusters of blooms growing from the same stem! Impressive, right? This is the main difference between a typical long-stem rose, which sprouts only one bloom.

Let’s dive into understanding more of these pretty lil’ things!

Lone Star Living May 2018 Spray Roses

 Because of their elegance, spray roses are often called the sweetheart.

Romantic ???? Charming ???? Delicate


You’ve probably worn spray roses at one point (prom, homecoming, weddings) and didn’t even know! See, this gorgeous dainty flower is used for corsages and boutonnieres because of their size & beauty.

Spray roses drink up A LOT of water and prefer it at room temperature. It helps the spray rose bloom and stay healthy by keeping them properly hydrated daily, and cutting their stems at an angle for oxygen!

Spray roses are unique yet slightly high-maintenance — but that’s certainly what makes them remarkable for decor, gifts for loved ones, and more.

Lone Star Living May 2018 Spray Rose Bouquet

 With 3 different bouquet designs this month, spray roses are the focal flower of our Lone Star Living May bouquets available in yellow, pink and orange. When spray roses are arranged with other flowers & foliage, it creates the most incredible luscious bouquet-style!

And just like all flowers, the color of a spray rose represents something different.

Gratitude, Love & Appreciation

Pink spray roses can be given to show gratitude, love & appreciation. Ideal for special folks in your life and for your personal space of course.

Get Well, Happiness, & Friendship

Yellow and orange spray roses are perfect for friends, teacher, family, neighbor, etc. These bright-colored beauties are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and certainly add brightness to the home!

Try creating mini arrangements for different areas in your home, as gift items, or get crafty for prom & graduation DIYs. No matter how you arrange and display, spray roses are perfect year-round.

We hope you enjoyed and learned a few tips on these dainty sweethearts!

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