As the first day of school approaches, your son or daughter is getting more and more excited. Most children approach the start of the school year with a mixture of fear and excitement. They worry that they will not fit in, but they look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. If you are getting ready to send your son or daughter off to school, you can use flowers to start a new tradition and make the transition from summer vacation to school year easier. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Give the Teacher a Floral Treat

A gift for the teacher is the perfect first day of school tradition. Send your child off to school with a fresh floral bouquet for the classroom. The teacher will be happy to display the gift in the classroom, and the flowers will perk up the room for everyone to enjoy on the first day of school. You can also create your own flower bouquets from supermarket bouquets. Here is a DIY Back to school teacher gift idea using fresh flowers from the Lone Star Living bouquet exclusively at HEB.

Pic - LSL Back to School feature

2. A Gift for the School Bus Driver

The school bus driver is an integral part of the school system, but the dedication of these professionals is often overlooked. If this is your son or daughter’s first time riding the bus, get the relationship off to a great start with a floral gift.


It can be something as simple as a single blossom picked from the bouquet in your home or plucked from your garden. Just hand the flower to the driver as your child boards the bus – it will make everyone smile.


3. Include a Flower in Your Child’s Lunch

Lunch time is a big deal for young kids, so make your child’s lunchbox special with a floral surprise. Include a small bud vase with a single bloom in the lunchbox so your child can dine in style.


You can even make the floral surprise a tradition by including it on special occasions. If your son or daughter is worried about a tough test or cramming for an exam, a flower will bring a smile to their face and help them relax and hit the books.



4. Give Dried Flower Bookmarks to the Class

You do not have to throw away that old floral bouquet. You can keep it forever by turning the fresh blooms into dried flowers. Just pick up some flower drying materials at the local craft store, grab some colorful heavy paper and make your own floral bookmarks.


Your child can hand these bookmarks out to the teachers on the first day of school and get their academic career off to a great start. These floral bookmarks are also great ice-breakers for classmates, so pack a few extras in your child’s backpack.


5. Say Hello With Flowers

Making new friends is always hard, especially on the first day of school. Flowers are a great way to break the ice, so send your son or daughter off with a fresh bouquet he or she can hand out to new classmates.


Floral gifts are another great way to make friends and get the attention of classmates. You and your son or daughter can spend the last few days of summer vacation making an assortment of floral crafts to hand out on the first day of school.


Nothing can make the first day of school completely stress-free, but you can use flowers to soothe your nerves, make new friends and have more fun. From floral crafts to fresh blooms, there are plenty of ways to incorporate flowers into one of the biggest days of your child’s life.