Located on the Texas Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi offers a uniquely coastal variety of life in TexasThe city hosts a large selection of nationally recognized, bayfront beaches and offers convenient access to both Padre and Mustang islands. In Corpus Christi, the proximity of the ocean and subtropical climate make life a touch more casual, shorts being more common than the cowboy boots typical in the rest of the state of Texas.

Life on the Gulf Coast greatly agrees with fresh cut flowers. For as little as a few dollars, you can get seasonal flower bouquets that are perfect for life in Texas. Also, you can use a bouquet of flowers as a starting point from which to create your own simple flower designs.


Texas Cities: Hey Corpus Christi, here are the 3 city events fresh flowers are perfect for: 


Picnic on the Beach


Corpus Christians so frequently visit the beach that they often take lunch with them. Whether going to Mustang Island State Park or Whitecap Beach, a picnic can be great fun for the whole family. A picnic need not be your primary reason for going to the beach, though. You can enjoy all the swimming, sunbathing and water sports you want and still have time to eat. For the meal, the usual cold cut sandwiches will do; however, with access to such great seafood, you might want to consider crab or tuna salad. Fresh cut flowers can make your next picnic an event. Whether eating atop a blanket on the beach or on an actual picnic table, a bouquet of flowers will provide a beautiful centerpiece. Once you finish eating, you can put one of the flowers in your hair for a carefree island look. Also, if you have enough flowers, you can make a floral crown for children to wear. In the event someone makes a sandcastle, flowers can make decent trees or other embellishments.


Fish Fry


With the abundance of seafood available in the area, residents of Corpus Christi love a good fish fry. Oil fish from the ocean, catfish from the lake or any sort of filets bought from the store will work. You can eat on the water in your boat or at your own dining table; the choice is yours. The most important things are good fish and good company.

Use fresh cut flowers to give your next fish fry a little something extra. A seasonal flower bouquet provides a table decoration your guests will love. You can also use a bouquet of flowers to fashion floral accents for any serving areas or even around the fryer, itself.

LONE STAR LIVING TIP: Add seashells to a clear vase that will give you that beach look without going to the beach.


Mirador de la Flor


Its name translating as “viewpoint of the flower,” the Selena memorial draws visitors from Corpus Christi and across the world. A Grammy-winning Tejano musician, Selena represented a uniquely Texan artist. She carried her special brand of Texas music to a truly global audience. Because she was murdered at the tender age of twenty-three, her death was particularly tragic.

Fresh cut flowers give you a good way to memorialize the fallen star. You can place a seasonal flower bouquet at the base of the statue. In a pinch, a single flower can still show your respects.


Corpus Christi provides access to great beaches and a more laid-back version of the lifestyle in Texas. Fresh cut flowers combine particularly well with this lifestyle. You can take fresh cut flowers to picnics at the beach, fish fries and the Mirador de la Flor memorial. Life in Corpus Christi and fresh cut flowers truly make for Lone Star Living.


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