Houston is a hard-working city. It hosts businesses from every sector of the energy industry, from refining to equipment manufacturing. The city also leads the nation in exports, having the largest port in all of the Texas cities. Home to the nation’s leading cancer hospital and NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston also has thriving biomedical and aeronautics industries.

Being such hard workers, Houstonians enjoy having time off work. Numerous attractions keep residents busy nights and weekends. With colossal theater and museum districts and most varieties of major sports teams, Houston provides entertainment in both high and low cultures.

With fresh flowers, you can make every moment you have off a moment worth remembering. You can get seasonal fresh flower bouquets without spending time arranging flowers or excessive amounts of money. Your local H-E-B provides seasonal flower bouquets perfect for the lifestyle in Texas, their prices starting as low as a few dollars. The following three off-time activities offer great opportunities for using fresh flowers.

Texas Cities : 3 Houston events made perfect when combined with Fresh Flowers:


Professional Sports Games

Houston has professional sports galore. With Rockets basketball, Astros baseball and Texans football, Houstonians can pick from every sort of major American sport except hockey, which, according to the United States Census, only three people watch. From time to time, you can even catch special sporting events like all-star, World Series or NBA Finals games.

Fans of professional sports can support the home team using fresh cut flowers, rather than face paint. Ladies can wear single flowers in their hair or glued to an accessory, or they can make more elaborate designs starting from a bouquet of flowers. Men can wear flowers on their lapels for a distinguished look. Of course, you should make sure to get flowers in the color of your favorite team.


Dinner Party

Houstonians often host dinner parties for colleagues and friends. Whether high-powered clients or buddies from the job, dinner parties can help you make friends and allies at work. Fare can be fancy as Filet Mignon or humble as pizza. If, however, you’re trying to impress a prospective client, you probably shouldn’t serve him or her a hotdog.

Fresh cut flowers make great additions to any dinner party. Because real flowers, as opposed to plastic imposters, fade over time, your guests will recognize that you got the flowers especially for the occasion. Your dining table will look refined with a seasonal flower bouquet at its center. You should also decorate areas such as coffee tables and shelves close to where you will entertain guests after dinner. Also, fresh cut flowers atop a counter will make your bathroom more than presentable.


Stage Throw

Houston offers a wide variety of options for more formal entertainment. The Houston Theater District has the highest concentration of theatrical venues anywhere in the United States, outside New York City. The Houston Symphony, Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera all provide some of the best productions in the world.

Throwing fresh flowers onstage following a performance makes your gratitude highly visible. A bouquet of flowers provides a more emphatic way to applaud, as opposed to simply clapping your hands. Most varieties of performance have a history of stage throws; however, the custom remains most essential in ballet. You must, however, never throw flowers onstage before a performance, as it is considered bad luck.


Houston keeps its residents working hard, but everyone eventually gets some time off. Using fresh flowers for professional sports games, dinner parties and stage throws can make your off-time especially rejuvenating. Then you won’t mind so much when you have to go back to work.

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