The end of spring is almost here and summer is coming! Have to postpone travel plans again this year? No worries! We have just the thing to brighten the day—some springtime stems! Just because spring is pretty much over doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy bright and beautiful flowers. In fact, we really appreciate May’s bouquet. It includes some hardy blooms that are sure to handle the heat.

Peace Out, Spring!

The transition from spring to summer can bring us so much happiness. It means longer days, sunshine, and relaxation. Although, it can also be a hard time for one’s self-image. after all, warmer weather calls for bikinis, short-shorts and tank tops. As a result, they can bring about personal struggles of self-love and self-appreciation. Therefore, to end the spring, we want you to focus on enhancing your relationship with yourself. Treat yourself like the flower you are!

You Deserve Flowers

A springtime bouquet might surely be just what you need! Flowers can have a positive effect on our mood and our outlook on life as well. In fact, they have a way of helping us to find joy in life. They also help us appreciate ourselves for all that we are. Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves. However, treating ourselves to flowers is the best reminder not to hate,. Instead, self-appreciate!

Practice Self-Care

Practicing self-care is always an investment in ourselves. Are there usually times where you are challenging your confidence? Then spend a little time caring for yourself. You should certainly make it a priority to treat yourself to flowers. The point is to leave yourself feeling restored and proud of who you are.

All flowers can help build a sense of self-love and appreciation. However, some have a bigger impact on our well-being than others. Find them in this month’s bouquet!


Roses are some of the most appreciated flowers. They emit beautiful, positive feelings and are therefore considered the symbol of love.


Charmelia is the definition of charming beauty. We appreciate its grace, femininity, and long vase life.  


Alstroemeria connects to the meaning of friendship, love, strength, and devotion.

Floral Horoscope

As the sun begins to move out of Taurus and into Gemini territory, we finally enter the first days of summer.

So, what does your zodiac have to say about you in relation to flowers?

Gemini: The Twins

Like Gemini, who usually loves to be the center of attention, springtime flowers are without doubt bright and cheerful. May’s bouquet is social, directly modeling the traits of the Gemini. This zodiac sign loves to be around others. They also love to make every situation as bright as the summer sun.

Don’t let the springtime fly by without often taking some time to appreciate who you are. Recognize the qualities that make you truly strong and capable. Enjoy these last few days of spring to the fullest. That means caring for yourself and treating yourself to ALL the flowers.