This past year was SO stressful! 2021 shouldn’t also have to be. Stress less this year. Toss aside those strict resolutions! Why set yourself up for disappointment and self-defeat? After all, if you really wanted to fulfill any of those promises to yourself, you would just do it.

Therefore, in order to actually meet your new year’s goals and “resolutions,” focus on INTENTIONS instead. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on more than you can handle. Put effort into completing one important task at a time, each and every day. Remember that the best way to commit to an intention is to keep it simple.

Form New Habits

Make it a habit to wake up each day with a positive mind. Then ask yourself what you intend to work on that day. What can you focus on that will make you and your life BETTER? Set goals for yourself. Then try your very best to meet them. Fulfill your intentions the best way you can.

The best part about it all? It’s easy to set and succeed at your intentions. All you have to do is simply change your frame of mind.

For example:

“Today I intend to exercise for 30 minutes.”

Exercise is one of the ultimate forms of self-care. Don’t make a resolution to quickly lose weight or exercise every day. Instead, intend to put your exercise clothes on a few days a week. This will help you ease into a new and healthy behavior. Not to mention, you may actually stick to it.

“Today I intend to begin organizing the house.”

Sometimes this task can seem overwhelming! One way to make sure you succeed is to intend to tackle one room at a time. Don’t do it all at once. Focus on one day at a time. Then conquer the clutter by setting intentions for the future. Importantly, evaluate what is working in your life and what is taking up space. Clutter can create underlying feelings of stress. Finally, intend to make room for positive changes. Do this in a happy and healthy way.

“Today I intend to buy myself flowers.”

Your New Year’s intentions don’t all have to be boring! This year, intend to focus a little more on yourself. Remember that everyone needs a healthy dose of self-love. Especially after a year like 2020! Flowers aren’t reserved for holidays or special occasions. Therefore, set an intention to buy yourself flowers once a month, just because.

Kick it up a notch by displaying them where you can see them every day. However, if you forget to treat yourself one month, don’t worry! You’ve still succeeded in your intent.

“Today I intend to be happy.”

A new year should mean a new you. Everyone wants to be happy, after all! You can start by making the choice for happiness. Although, it may not always be as easy as it sounds. You can however make the intention to put a positive spin on your negative emotions. Look for silver linings!

Live Life With Intention

Intentions serve as guiding stars for improving your life. They also keep you accountable. They lift the weight off of your shoulders and ground you in the present. This is a healthy way to show yourself a little kindness. Most importantly, intentions take human nature into account. Plus, they allow us to make mistakes while we get back on the horse after falling down. We hope these suggestions can help you build a bit more self-compassion and self-love this year. You absolutely deserve it.

Happy New Year!

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