Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! The New Year is here, so get ready to tackle it like a champ!

Every year, American’s set New Year’s resolutions to better themselves; however, keeping up with a New Year’s resolution isn’t always the easiest task. About 76% of Americans who set a resolution break it within the first month of the year.

Rather than setting one resolution this year, we’ve put together two easy steps to start your year stress-free:

Get Organized

Getting organized will help you have a smoother 2017. Organizing your space at work and home is key. Once the New Year begins, make sure to clean your email inbox at work. This may be overwhelming, but lowering the number of emails will release stress. Also, when clearing up your inbox, why not organize your office? Create files for important paperwork and bring in Lone Star Living flowers for a fresh look! (Flowers are known to brighten up your mood)

At home, try to de-clutter regularly. Ask yourself questions like: Do I use this on an everyday basis? Do I really love it? If you answered no, then the likely chances you’ll ever use it are close-to-none. Once your home is organized, it will create a calm and welcoming space for you and your family.

Relax More

Make this New Year about YOU. Try to enjoy the little things and relax more. Doing this can improve your mood and overall health. Focus on things you like to do and give yourself some more TLC. Set everyday goals to help you stay on track of what you would like to achieve. For example, set goals for sleeping 8 hours a day, taking a 30-minute walk, setting aside an hour to spend with your family. These easy tasks will bring joy to your life and make you feel fresh and positive.

Remember to follow these two easy steps for the New Year. These small actions can boost up your mind, health and overall-being.

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