Get ready! Millions of vampiric and piratical children, along with the occasional ghostly cowpoke, are coming to loot the chocolate reserves in the state of Texas. Every responsible resident should take proper precautions, so the trees in the front yard don’t end up wearing toilet paper streamers. This year, you can use fresh cut flowers in the following three ways to avoid the unseemly tricks and traps that befall miserly homeowners.


Declare Your Intentions to mischief

Nothing wards off mischief like a festive bouquet of flowers displayed in a front window. When adolescent marauders see a seasonal flower bouquet in front of your house, they will know you are dedicated to cooperation and hardly an appropriate target for trickery. In fact, an arrangement of sufficient size and prominent placement will declare to the entire neighborhood, “You can take my candy, but for crying out loud, don’t trample my planter.”


Keep Children Calm

Any gathering of children can, in an instant, erupt in a devastating whirlwind of clutter and squeals. Halloween, because of its association with near-lethal levels of sugar, provides a particularly combustible occasion. You can, however, calm minor monsters with strategically placed and seasonal flower bouquets.


A bouquet of flowers centered on a dining table creates a zone of placidity, which might just mean you can use that tablecloth again, rather than burning it. You can harness the subliminal power of floral accents (easily fashioned from a bouquet of flowers) around any punchbowls. Then you can continue to breathe when that jittery hyperactive ladles punch over your, as of yet, unstained carpet. Also, you can communicate your common humanity to visitors of your bathroom using a vase of fresh cut flowers, which will help to persuade against attempts at flushing the rug or the cat.


Create an Uninterrupted corridor

Fending off disaster ultimately requires vigilance. Your efforts must be thorough. A sporadic defense lets problems seep through. Once you have developed a plan, double check it, with an eye to identifying potential weaknesses. Create a corridor leading to your home with pumpkin vases filled with fresh cut flowers. This creates a passage way to direct children straight to your door and out of your yard.


Running out of candy

Of course, no matter how thorough your plan, you will eventually experience difficulties. Running our of candy is a nightmare in itsself and is a disaster every Halloween veteran has encountered. For just such occasions, keep close a supply of flower bouquets and when every child comes for their treats give them a flower to give to their mom. Kids love giving their parents gifts and they will remember that for next year.


From wearing a fantasy getup to overdosing on chocolate , Halloween allows everyone to indulge a little. But with indulgence as a starting point, the slightest deterioration can result in a rampage, costing you more than candy. Nevertheless, if you remember to declare your intentions, keep children calm and shore up your shield, you can avoid most hassles this Halloween.


Who knows? With the proper planning, you might just live to see the next one, too