Are you prepared for the incoming Instagram photo flurry of boyfriends, balloons and flowers? If you feel like everyone is receiving flower and chocolate deliveries and you’ve been left out, don’t worry! Sometimes, feeling a teeny tiny bit jealous is totally OK. On the other hand, what’s not OK is to sit and obsess over not having a valentine this year.

Make It All About You

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be for lovers. If your favorite vase is looking a little empty, don’t throw a pity party. Instead, take a leaf out of this blog and get yourself the flowers. Even though receiving flowers is nice, why wait around feeling upset over something you can’t control? Not to mention, treating yourself to a bouquet is a reminder of your own success, independence, and fabulous taste in flowers. This year, we created a bouquet everyone can enjoy.

Nevertheless, you can feel loved on Valentine’s Day without the red roses. February’s bouquet focuses on pinks fit for family, friends, and lovers. Forget the passion petals. Alstroemeria and hydrangeas are a friendly way to express your love to anyone, for instance!

Floral Horoscopes

Are you a fan of astrology? Not sure which flower to gift a February baby? If so, read on to see what the petals have to say this Valentine’s Day.


Want to make a statement? Eryngium is a perfect flower for an Aquarius. First of all, water bearers are confident, original, and a little quirky – just like eryngium. This bold, silver flower is care-free and can thrive easily. Aquarius is a true free-spirt that will surely admire this dreamy flower. Therefore, if you have your heart set on an Aquarian, surprise them with eryngium this Valentine’s Day!


Is there a flower more fit for our unique little fish than matsumoto? These beautiful daisy-shaped flowers are a sign of contentment in love.

If you’re instead in love with a Pisces, gift them a bouquet with matsumoto flowers to complement the sensitivity and selflessness of this water sign.

We promise, they won’t be disappointed!

Love Yourself to Pieces

We hope this Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the best one yet! If it’s not looking quite like you expected it to, don’t pout. In spite of your current love-life, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the most important person in your life: you!

Remember to pamper yourself with some well-deserved flowers. After all, you know you want to.

Get them through H-E-B Curbside, all month long!