We’re feeling so gourd about October’s bouquet! October is the most romantic month of the year. The weather is great for cuddling and taking long walks. The naturally beautiful display of colors creates such a romantic atmosphere. Since we’re smitten with October, we’ve decided to use shades of purple and orange to capture this feeling.

October is when fall foliage really begins to peak in many places, which makes it the perfect time for couples to watch leaves fall as they cuddle up at the end of a long day.

In honor of fall (and love), you autumn know that this month’s bouquet includes a variety of flowers specially picked for their colors and meanings.

Flower “Pick” of the Month

Yellow Lily: The color yellow is the ultimate color for happiness and cheerfulness. Yellow lilies represent remembrance, happiness, enjoyment, and thankfulness. This flower perfectly represents what we tend to feel during the season.

Fall festivities like thanksgiving bring family and friends together, making yellow the best color to give off those warm fall vibes.

Lavender Roses: Roses come in many shades, but lavender is one of the rarest. Lavender roses carry an air of majesty and represent enchantment, curiosity, magnificence, and mystery.

Yet most people know them best for representing love at first sight. They are not only unique but add a striking touch to any bouquet and make quite a statement. This makes the lavender rose the perfect flower for the most romantic season of all.

Charmelia: Charmelia really puts us in the mood for fall! This gorgeous flower represents admiration and is a beautiful pairing to the lavender rose, both in appearance and in sentiments. These beauties can live for up to 21 days when cared for adequately. Their vase life is long-lasting, just like the love they represent.

Bronze and Magenta Poms: Poms are such happy flowers! They are known as “nature’s cheerleaders” and express joy, cheerfulness, and love. Since fall is associated with Thanksgiving, happiness, and family, including such happy flowers in bronze and magenta for an autumn twist felt so right!

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