They say more flowers bloom on the summer solstice than any other time of the year. It’s no wonder summertime is the BEST time to brighten up your days with some bright and colorful blooms. If the heat this summer has you feeling a little down, you may need a little mood boost. It’s hard to look at uplifting summer blooms and not feel a little more upbeat about your day.


There are so many types of lilies, and yellow is the PERFECT one to brighten up your summer. Their nig, beautiful blooms are so much fun to gaze at, and full of character when used in bouquets. Lilies smell beautiful and will add a sunny touch of summer to any room.

Spray Roses

The great thing about roses is that they are appropriate for any season! Roses come in many shades and varieties and each color represents a different sentiment. The yellow ones are a reminder of summertime fun and represent friendship. Whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with roses, even if it’s just a way to brighten your own day.


Poms are one of the most popular and cheerful flowers ever. They are loved worldwide and are sure to add a lighthearted, warm feeling anywhere you display them.

Make sure to keep them well watered to beat the heat this summer. If there’s one flower that’s sure to make your smile bloom this sunny season, it’s the pom.

This summertime bouquet is a reminder to have fun and connect with nature this summer. The bright colors are also sure to bring you plenty of fun and happiness. This summer, we want you to focus on happiness and enjoying yourself. Spontaneously pick up some flowers for someone you care about or swing by your local HEB and treat yourself to a colorful bouquet. It’s a wonderful sign of appreciation for someone and a great form of self-care.

Floral Horoscope

As the sun begins to move out of Cancer and into Leo territory, we’re in the midst of the summer season.

So, what does your zodiac have to say about you in relation to flowers?

Leo: The Lion

As the zodiac sign most often associated with the summer, Leo’s are as bright and cheerful as this month’s bouquet. Leos are represented by the sun, giving them a fun and fiery spirit. Yellow lilies are designated flowers for Leos. These bright summertime blooms match the fire sign’s big-hearted personality like a bouquet filled with attention-grabbing flowers.
Blooms with open faces and symbolism rooted in happiness and warmth not only capture Leo’s confidence and strength, but also their unfussy, and lovable spirit.

With a little bit of extra free time this summer, don’t let the season go by without indulging in the things you love most and finding opportunities to have fun. Care for yourself and treat yourself to a bouquet of happiness and flowers!