They say that sisters are different flowers from the same garden. This National Sisters Day, we want to celebrate amazing sisters everywhere who bring love, joy, and friendship into your life.  

Did you know that flowers have sisters, too? Putting flower pairs together that complement each other is called “companion planting” and can even give them an organic boost. Those are pretty awesome sisters, and even better buds!   

So which flowers are “sisters” and make beautiful combinations?  

Here are five pairs to consider:  

Roses & Hydrangeas 

Roses may be simple, but they’re incredibly elegant. They are popular because of everything they signify—from love, secrecy, and all the emotions in between. Like roses, hydrangeas have many connotations and can range from expressing gratefulness to vanity and boastfulness. Regardless of the meaning you choose to associate these flowers with, one thing will always be undeniable—roses and hydrangeas are sisters. Combined, they are breathtaking and make a beautifully romantic bouquet.  

Ranunculus & Peonies 

Talk about fraternal twins! The ranunculus looks a whole lot like a peony, but the bloom size is a bit smaller while the flower is a little flatter. When paired together, they make a chic and refined statement because they both have so many compact layers of petals that create an intense effect. We recommend gifting these to celebrate achievements and other important milestones.  

Mums & Carnations 

This duo is a happy one. Chrysanthemums or “mums” for short, represent happiness and joy while carnations represent good luck and admiration. Both flowers are seen as “joyful” because of their sunny nature. These flowers are admired by many and are amongst the best for lifting someone’s spirits and making their day a little better. When paired together, they make for an exciting and cheerful arrangement. 

Tulips & Poppies 

Tulips are particularly special and became so highly prized in the 17th century, that prices became untouchable and markets began crashing. It’s no wonder this powerful flower is associated with love and royalty. Like their sisters, poppies were also once popular in Europe, as they were commonly offered to the dead in Greek and Roman mythology. Today, this pretty couple gives a modern and trendy twist to any bouquet and can serve as a sweet reminder to someone that you care. 

Lilies & Irises 

Although there are many flowers that create a perfect harmony when paired with lilies, none make a better match than irises! Both of these flowers are thin and long, making them an elegant choice for bouquets. While this combination is commonly used as a way to express sympathy, they both also represent faith and pair together tastefully regardless of the occasion. 

Each and every flower is beautiful and has its own unique significancebut just like sisters they’re better together 

While you’re looking for the perfect gift this National Sister’s Day, take one of these lovely combinations into consideration. We know it will wow your sister away and make that special bond even stronger!