Every spring, San Antonio, Texas, transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors, music, and flavors during Fiesta, a vibrant 10-day festival celebrating the city’s rich cultural heritage and community spirit. From majestic parades to lively street festivals, Fiesta offers something for everyone to enjoy. Here are three must-see events to check out during this year’s Fiesta: 
Texas Cavaliers River Parade 

When: April 22, 2024 

Where: Along the San Antonio River Walk 

What: Get ready for a night of jaw-dropping spectacle at the Texas Cavaliers River Parade! Imagine majestic floats, twinkling lights, and a celebration that’s truly one-of-a-kind. This year, they’re giving a tip of the hat to the USA with a tribute to Great American Landmarks. From coast to coast, these iconic landmarks embody the spirit of unity, diversity, and pride that defines our nation. These floats are a love letter to the America we all know and adore! Plus, guess what? Some areas even offer free seating, but it’s first-come, first-served, so you might want to get there early! The Texas Cavaliers, the organizers behind this extravaganza, have been committed to bettering the lives of San Antonio area children through numerous programs and events throughout the year. Proceeds from the parade benefit the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation and its mission.

A Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA)

When: April 23-26, 2024 

Where: La Villita Historic Arts District 

What: Get ready for a party like no other at A Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA)! Over the course of four nights, you’ll have the chance to indulge in a culinary journey with over 155 food booths offering everything from traditional tamales to the legendary Steer on a Stick. You won’t just be tasting the food – you’ll be tasting the very soul of San Antonio. Between bites, you can soak up the lively atmosphere with live music, vibrant decorations, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs that perfectly capture the city’s rich heritage. And the best part? NIOSA is brought to life by an incredible team of volunteers! So why not join in and contribute to the Conservation Society’s mission to preserve our region’s built and natural heritage? This isn’t just a festival, it’s a four-night fiesta in the heart of downtown San Antonio that celebrates our city’s diverse cultural legacy.  

Battle of Flowers Parade 

When: April 26, 2024 

Where: Downtown San Antonio 

What: One event you certainly can’t miss is the Battle of Flowers Parade! This isn’t just any parade – it’s the event that kicked off Fiesta San Antonio! It’s a sight to behold with more than 550,000 spectators lining the streets, each one more excited than the last. 

And the best part? This parade is brought to life entirely by women volunteers! Talk about girl power! The Battle of Flowers Association, the driving force behind this iconic event, is dedicated to teaching the history of Texas and San Antonio. They’re keeping the patriotic spirit alive, one float at a time! 

Expect elaborate floats bobbing down the street, marching bands setting the beat, and colorful costumes catching the sunlight. It’s a vibrant testament to the city’s rich heritage and community spirit.  

So, whether you’re a Fiesta newbie or a seasoned veteran, round up your friends and family and dive into the festivities. There’s no shortage of excitement and entertainment— especially when you just need a moment to stop and smell the flowers! Celebrate being a Texas gal and come and see San Antonio truly come alive during Fiesta! Check out our Instagram and Facebook for more Fiesta-inspired content!