Put the spring into your step with National Cocktail Day on March 24! Raise a glass to one of the best days of the year by making a “blooming daiquiri” to enjoy with your daiquiri. If there’s anything better than your favorite cocktail, it’s throwing bright flowers into the mix! Use a glass chalice to arrange your bouquet.

Here’s how:

1. Fill your goblet half-way with water.

2. Add in a bit of food coloring to make it look like an actual Daiquiri! Don’t forget to mix in your flower food.

3. Cut the stems of your Lone Star Living flowers so that 2 to 3 inches of stem remains on each flower. Remember to snip off any dead or loose foliage so it does not fall into the water and create bacteria.

4. Arrange the flowers in the glass as desired. Experiment by creating a tightly fitted arrangement or a looser arrangement interwoven with greenery.

5. Group all of your Lone Star Living flowers. Tying a rubber band around each of the bunches will help to keep them grouped together.

6. Optional: Add a little pizzazz to your arrangement by adding some greenery or sprinkling a bit of glitter over the flowers.

  1. Show off your arrangement! Check on it at least once a day, adding more water as needed.
  1. Mix yourself an actual daiquiri while you enjoy your daiquiri arrangement!

Bottoms up!

This past year has been a hard one! We could definitely use a cocktail and we’re sure you can too. Don’t miss the opportunity to create your very own blooming daiquiri for a little D.I.Y happy hour.

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